Don’t let patients fall through the cracks. Keep patients happy and coming back to your practice through timely, personalized reminders that reach patients at the right place, through the right medium, at the right time.

It is amazing how much the technology has evolved and it is so easy to see how we are doing. I know the usual metric is to look at hygiene recall, case acceptance percentage, incomplete treatment  yada yada, which this software does a great job of providing the needed data. What I find even more fascinating is the collection data from the different insurance companies, zip code and age of my patients. I know this data could perhaps be pulled from open dental but I never thought of looking at this data before. I think it will help me in marketing to certain zip code and dropping the bottom insurance companies.

It costs up to 25 times more to attract a new patient than to retain an existing patient

But surprisingly, most dental practices don’t have a structured approach to following up with patients. What’s this mean for the practice? They’re spending a ton of money attempting to attract new patients, while existing patients are falling through the cracks–and going to competitors.

One way to think about your pool of patients is to think of it like a bucket. The more new patients you have getting added to the top of the bucket, the better of course. But only if you’re continuing to keep the existing patients in the bucket – instead of letting them fall out the sides or bottom.

The best way to prevent patients from falling out, is to ensure you’re giving them consistent, great service along with timely, relevant, and personalized patient reminders and communications. Practice By Numbers can help.

Text Message Reminders

Email Reminders

Phone Call Reminders

An Innovative, Purposeful Way of Following-Up With Patients

Following up with patients requires much more than a phone call or reminder postcard every six months to make sure they make an appointment with your practice. 


Practice By Numbers takes the art and science of contacting patients at the right time, via their preferred method of communication, to maximize appointments at your practice. Follow-ups can be customized to your timelines, and through smart technology, you can ensure no patient will ever fall through the cracks again.

Over a Dozen Campaigns to Choose From to Maximize Patient Retention and Satisfaction

Our software doesn’t simply send a text message and wait for a patient to respond. Instead, it will reach patients via their previously indicated, preferred method of contact – and if a patient does not respond, it will trigger another contact option in an amount of time which you can customize. 


If a patient still goes without taking action, the software will then trigger a task for your staff to pick up the phone and call – a much smarter, seamless, and automatic process that ensures no patient is left behind.

Recall Campaigns

If a patient visits your practice, they will likely have another cleaning within 6 months scheduled. The software can be set up to trigger an email and/or text message to remind a patient to schedule this appointment if thy haven’t already, automatically. If a patient doesn’t respond, the software will then drive action by creating a task for your staff to reach out to them to maximize efficiency and response rates. 

Because the system is smart, if a patient is scheduled and cancels their appointment, it will start the sequence over and the reminders will start from the beginning to ensure a patient is never left behind. You have the unique flexibility to customize the timing of these sends to ensure patients aren’t being bombarded, and to ensure your patients are taken care of. 

Reactivation Campaigns

Now that you know attracting a new patient is much more expensive than retaining existing patients, our software is designed to help you reactivate old patients who haven’t seen you in over a year.

Once the software identifies a patient as not having seen your practice in the last 365 days, that patient will be dropped into a campaign that encourages them to see your practice. It is highly successful in attracting patients back to your practice who may have otherwise fallen off or gone to a competitor. 

Unscheduled Treatment

When a patient comes to your practice, you likely create a treatment plan for them. Most patients won’t agree to it right away, and instead take the recommendations home to think about it and ‘schedule their appointment later.’ Most practices surprisingly have no idea how many patients, and how much pending treatment, is really on their books – causing a ton of missed revenue opportunity. 

Our software helps you identify these patients, and knows which treatments of there commended plan have been scheduled, and what’s still outstanding. As a result, it will put patients who have unscheduled treatment plans into the queue to receive communications to remind them to schedule their appointments. It’s a win-win for both your patient’s oral health, and the health of your practice.

Cancelled Appointment

Typically, if a patient cancels their appointment, they may call in and say ‘I need to cancel my appointment’ and either no one calls them back, or they don’t create a new appointment. If this happens with the software, and a patient doesn’t reschedule, the system will automatically reach back out to them to schedule their new date and time.

Failed Appointment

Similar to if a patient cancels an appointment, if a patient simply misses their appointment, innocently or on purpose – it puts their oral health at risk. You can help patients cut down on accidental or purposeful failed appointments and ensure they stay on a healthy schedule of visiting your practice by triggering campaigns at the time a patient misses their appointment. 

Post Op Instructions

One of the most important pieces to a successful procedure is the after-care. You can help patients feel more at ease, cut down on phone calls to your practice, and risks after a procedure through the post-op instructions campaign. The system will automatically identify when a patient is coming in for a certain procedure, and will send the appropriate post op instructions right to their email, automatically.