Online Payments

A Payment Solution by Dentists for Dentists

If you’ve struggled to understand complex payment issues — you’re not alone. Our custom payment solutions were inspired by a practicing dentist who struggled with these same issues and knew there had to be a better way.

Automate Your Accounts Receivable Process

You have a modern office. You are paperless for the most part. Why are you still sending paper statements? Ditch the printer and stamps and say goodbye to paper cuts. PbN will modernize your whole Accounts Receivables process with a user-friendly dashboard that reduces AR overhead and improves the patient experience.

Patient Identified

Patients with balances are automatically identified and added to scheduled follow-ups. Exclude patients based on pending claims, balance totals, account types,custom tags, and more.

Patient Contacted

Automated timely notifications are sent to patients so they can review balances and pay with just a few clicks. Messages can be further customized for each patient.

Patient Payment

Simplify payments by enabling patients to self-pay from any device using a wide range of available payment methods. Funds are deposited directly to your practice bank account.

Payment Tracking

Attach a statement, request a payment amount, add a personal note, and track the progress of requests and payments in the dashboard. No need to mail anything.

Comprehensive Payment Solutions for Both Patients and Practices

Practice Benefits

PbN will help accelerate cash flow for your practice by providing patients a superior payment experience on any device. It does this while saving office staff valuable time that can then be used to further improve the patient experience.

  • Boost Patient Collection Rates by 30%+
  • Automatically bill patients in a timely manner
  • Reduce A/R related overhead
  • No need to print and mail statements
  • Reduce errors with two-way PMS integration
  • Easily track collection attempts
  • Fully branded for a seamless experience
  • Payment processing without additional fees
  • Complete onboarding support and 24/7 assistance

Patient Benefits

A common reason why patients don’t pay is because they don’t receive a bill in a timely manner. PBN’s follow-up engine sends patients messages at the right time over multiple channels to get their attention.

  • Pay from any device at any time
  • Payment by text or a link in an email
  • Save preferred forms of payment
  • Make partial payments or pay over time
  • Additional payments like ACH and wallet coming soon
  • Fewer clicks removes payment barriers
  • ACH and Debit are no surcharge payment options

We’ve Got You Covered For In-Office Payments

With a growing demand for in-office payments, it’s more crucial than ever for practices to have an end-to-end solution and complete fee transparency. We help you streamline operations, give you complete visibility into how much you are paying, and control over how customers cover transaction costs. All this comes with the added benefit of reducing human errors by automatically writing all payments back into your PMS ledger.

Free Terminal

Free POS terminal with minimum $40k transaction amount per month. Rent a terminal for as low as $25 per month.

Payment Options

By giving patients a variety of options on how they pay, the hurdle of the convenience fee is removed.

Not Platform Fees

Practices can enjoy seamless payment processing without the burden of additional platform fees.

Physical Terminals

Our Point of Sale (POS) terminals offer practices the convenience of accepting payments in-office.

Low Card Fees

Card fees as low as 2.69% for in-office Point-of-sale transactions during introductory period.

Easy Setup

Minimum setup and onboarding–just connect the POS terminal to the internet and start using it.

Full PMS Integration

In-person POS Terminals with full integration to PbN and two-way write back to PMS ledgers.

End-To-End Solution

Our payments platform just works–it acts as both a payment gateway and a payment service provider.

PbN Payments Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use PbN Payments?

PbN Payments is an included feature within our PracticeIQ bundle. You don’t need to pay anything extra to have access to our AR automation platform if you are already a bundle user.

Is charging convenience fees legal in my state?

We cannot give you legal advice if it is legal to surcharge your patients in your state or not. Please consult with your attorney to see if this feature is right for you.

Can PbN not just charge my practice the credit card fees?

No, not at this point. We are looking into integrating more credit card processors and this will become an option in the future.

How many follow-ups can do with a patient?

PbN will allow you to add 10 automated follow-ups. After these follow-ups are complete, you will have to option of restarting the follow-ups or sending a one-time collections follow-up.

Does PbN post payments automatically?

Yes, PbN will automatically post all patient’s payments to their ledger. If payment sync fails for any reason, PbN will alert you in the action center about a failed payment sync. PbN has to-way integrations with Dentrix (G7.2 and higher), OpenDental (20 and higher), and Eaglesoft (17 and higher).

How much credit card fees does PbN charge?

PbN Payments costs the practices only 1% of payments run through our platform. Your patients are charged a convenience fee which is fixed at 2.9%+30 cents for each transaction. For example, if the patient owes $100, they will be charged $103.30 after including convenience fees. PbN will charge 1% from the net amount of $100 resulting in $99 being transferred to the practice.

Some of our patients are unwilling to pay convenience fees. What shall we tell them?

It is getting more and more accepted for credit card fees are being charged to consumers. It is after all these consumers who are asking for more and more rewards from the credit card companies which is in return driving up credit card fees. We recommend you ask these patients to mail in their payments or stop by the office.

How does PbN pay my practice?

PbN will transfer funds to your practice account using ACH. By default, all practices are set up to receive payments in 2 business days.

Can individual follow-ups be customized?

Yes, you can customize the message of each follow-up. By default, all follow-ups will have the same message but you can customize them as needed for your practice’s workflow.

Does PbN keep track of all balance-related communications?

Yes, PbN will keep copies of all SMS and email communications sent to the patient regarding their outstanding balance.

Elevate The Payment Experience With Our Patient Portal

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